Property Manager: Apartment Application Denied

Re: Notice of Application Denial

Dear Rental Applicant:

Your potential future landlord recently retained our services as the management company for the property in which you have expressed an interest in renting. ...We must decline your application.

Our decision is based upon five factors.

...At your last apartment, you were found to have kept at least three pets inside your apartment. ...Alleging that the complex had a pest problem and complaining that the landlord should call an exterminator to take care of the mice around the building was a transparent ploy...

...Your repeated attempts to avoid responsibility for your actions by shifting the blame to the “bikers upstairs” is a sad reflection on your attitude toward your fellow residents and another example of your pathetic attempt to shift blame.

...Wild driving, reckless vandalism, and unauthorized use of pesticides are not qualities we look for in a tenant.

Finally, the Central Collection Agency says... Good luck in the future, whenever you get better -- somewhere else.

Best wishes,
Property Manager