Father of the Year from Ready Freddy BBQ

Happy Father’s Day and Congratulations! You’ve been selected as Ready Freddy’s Big Bar-B-Q Beef Buddy of the Year!

...Here are a few quotes from their heartfelt letter that moved us to award you this prestigious honor:

“Dad’s really good at teaching us sports. Last week he had us playing dodge ball out on Route 67. Later this summer, he’s going to teach us fishing by letting us be the live bait.”

...First. You will receive a genuine, stainless steel and aluminum, easy-to-assemble Ready Freddy Big Bar-B-Q Grill, complete with 27 inch manual rotating spit, two flame jets with an easy to use single on-off toggle, Ready Freddy’s patented EasyLight™ starter system (extra-length matches sold separately), and a Ready Freddy Official Bar-B-Q Master apron that says “Here’s the Beef” above an arrow pointing south. That’s right, all the class of NASCAR without the petrol fumes.