Martin’s Ghost
A Novelette/Short Story
William Mellen

Martin. Age 39, married, no kids. He’s a professional who works hard and worries harder. Recently, life has taken a terrifying and surreal twist. It’s as though someone has imposed an incomprehensible dimension onto the routine of everyday life. It comes in the form of a malignant spirit that haunts him from photos of his younger days and reflections of the looking glass. It’s the jack-in-the-box from hell, a horrifying specter; and Martin is about to find out its purpose.

Martin’s Ghost may feature a menacing phantom, but don’t be fooled. It’s not a horror story, and it’s not a tale of ghosts. That’s all too easy. It’s a psychological thriller to bend your mind and twist your nerves. And, it’s a story about life.

Martin’s ghost may be closer than you think. The mind-bending conclusion will give the story, and maybe you, a whole new point of view.




  • Click here to read the first seven (of eight) parts.



Short Story - Novelette - Psychological Thriller - Suspense & Mystery